How To Make Sure Your Gun Ammo Lasts As Long As Possible

When purchasing gun ammunition you probably are mostly thinking about when you can get out to the firing range or out in the wilderness to hunt and use up all the shiny new bullets you just got a hold of. While that is exciting and there is no reason to not be happy, there is a pretty good chance you won't use all of that gun ammunition up in one go. If you want to ensure that your gun ammunition survives in a reasonable state so that it can still be fired safely in the future, then here are some things you need to consider when storing your leftover gun ammo.

Reduce Humidity

The main problem with ammunition surviving years into the future is that once it gets affected by any kind of humidity the gunpowder inside can spoil and become useless. This will make for a dud round and can jam your gun at a very inopportune time. If you live in a state where humidity is even more of an issue then you may want to take more extreme measures but for most gun enthusiasts specially made ammunition storage cans are great. These come with a seal that will keep out humidity, which is why you can't just trust any old plastic tub or Tupperware. 

Lower The Heat

One mistake that many beginners make is accidentally storing their gun ammunition in the attic of their home, or somewhere that gets a bit warm during summer. Ammunition should always be kept cooler and you should avoid heat at all costs. This is more of a gradual change than an immediate one like when bullets get affected by humidity, so you may even begin to notice that the rounds you use which have been stored in the attic are starting to become less potent and accurate. Try keeping them in the basement or somewhere that does not heat up as much.

Store Ammo By Date 

One of the best ways to ensure you are using the oldest ammo first is to put a little sign on each of your ammunition cans with either a sticker or by just writing on the tin itself. Put the date you bought the ammo and roughly how much is in there so that you don't have to constantly open up the can to check. If you do all these things properly then there is no reason why your gun ammunition can't last ten years or more, and not just last but be in a good state that fires well when you then need it. 

For more information, contact a gun ammunition store in your area.