Great Tips When Buying A Powder Trickler

Powder tricklers are designed to move small kernels of powder into a pan until a precise powder weight is achieved. If you're trying to buy one so that you can measure powder weights yourself, then these tips can help you out.

Make Sure the Base Is Stable 

When loading powder in the trickler, you need everything to stay still. If things move, then some of the powder grains could spill out on to the surface you're working on and you would have a stressful cleanup. 

You can ensure there won't be any unnecessary movements during your powder loading when you get a trickler with a stable base. A wide base with rubber on the bottom, for example, can help you work a lot more effectively when using this special device. The wide base will prevent the trickler from toppling over, and the rubber on the bottom will prevent movement. 

Get a Warranty for Defects

Even high-quality powder tricklers can sometimes come with defects. It may be a problem with the base or the mechanisms inside. Either way, you want to protect yourself from a potential defect with your trickler. You can do just that by getting a warranty for defects specifically.

If you notice that there is an issue with this device, you can simply send it back, and the manufacturer you ordered from will replace it free of charge. That should give you more peace of mind, especially if you are going with a trickler brand you may have never heard of before.

Look for Durable Materials

If you want to ensure your powder trickler holds up for as long as possible, then what you can do is get one made out of durable materials. You then won't have to second-guess its structural integrity or longevity at all. 

One of the more durable materials for tricklers is steel. No matter what it's exposed to, it can hold up and will not be not easily damaged if you're rough with it over the years. ABS plastic is also pretty durable but more cost-effective than steel. That's great if you're on a tighter budget.

Powder tricklers are useful devices for measuring powder weight for ammunition purposes. If you're looking to buy one for the first time, it behooves you to read up on these devices and review their various specs. Once you're well-informed, you should have no trouble finding the perfect trickler. 

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries powder tricklers.