Assign Singlets for Your New Wrestling Program

If wrestling is going to be a new activity that you offer at your summer camp, there will be plenty of opportunities for your team members to compete against one another. You may want to invest in wrestling singlets. Wrestling singlets are uniforms that professionals and novices wear during bouts. Decide how you would like to introduce these garments to your enrollees and whether or not customization will be used.

A Singlet Is an Important Piece of Clothing

Wrestling involves full body contact and regular clothing could restrict a wrestler's movements or distract their opponent, resulting in an unfair competition. A singlet is constructed of one piece of stretchy, tight fabric that is designed to cover the torso, the back, and the upper thighs. As a player moves, the fabric will stretch, allowing the wrestler to access their full range of motion. Because a singlet is tight and will conform to a player's body, the coach will be able to determine if each wrestling move is executed properly.

When competing wrestlers are close to one another during a match, it could be difficult to ascertain if a particular wrestling move was performed correctly. The benefits of wearing a singlet should be discussed when interested campers sign up for the wrestling program so that they understand the importance of this uniform.

The Cost Can Be Absorbed or You Can Provide a List

When purchasing the singlets for the team members, the cost can be a concern — especially if you do not have additional funding for the uniforms. One way to help pay for these uniforms t is by requiring the wrestler's parents or guardians to pay an enrollment fee, which covers the cost of a singlet, the lessons that will be given, and informal matches. You should decide upon a singlet color and style, plus determine if you would like to have artwork or lettering added to each singlet, as that may also affect the price.

If you have chosen to forego purchasing the singlets and will be requiring each participant to furnish their own uniform, prepare a list of singlet features that are allowable and any decorative embellishments or lettering that will be prohibited. Give the list to each parent or guaridain who has enrolled their child. This will aid them in picking out a singlet that meets your criteria.

To learn more about wrestling singlets, visit a sports store near you.