Baseball Training Exercises That You Can Perform At Home

Balance, hand and eye coordination, and focus will assist you with becoming a better baseball player. If you would like to improve your overall stance and gameplay, some balance training aids and practice equipment can be set up in your backyard. In addition to using the equipment, use a recording device to help you review your stance and performance level.

Use A Balance Beam

A balance beam will help you remain vigilant about maintaining your stance. A standard beam or one that is made out of a piece of plywood will work for this exercise. Before getting on the beam, pick up your baseball bat.

Begin by standing near the end of the beam. Move your bat in the same manner that you would if you were attempting to hit a ball. Swing the bat several times before moving forward on the beam. After walking a few steps ahead, stop and swing the bat again. Continue this exercise until you reach the end of the beam. 

Stand On A Mound While Aiming At A Backstop

Purchase a rubber or a vinyl-topped mound from a sporting goods retailer. This type of mound will be waterproof and can be placed anywhere in your yard that you would like to practice. Use a vinyl tarp or baseball netting to create a backstop. Suspend either material from a tree branch or secure the chosen item to a firm surface.

The mound should be directly across from the backstop, and if you want the practice session to be representative of a true playing field, ensure that the same amount of space is between the mound and the backstop as the field that you normally play on possesses.

Place several balls inside of a ball caddy and move the caddy next to the mound. While standing on the mound, throw the balls toward the backstop. Pay attention to how you are standing and try to recreate the stance that your coach has taught you. While you are perched upon the mound, you will need to be wary of your balance during each toss of a ball.

HIt Some Balls From A Batting Tee

A batting tee will allow you to focus on the manner in which you are holding your bat and aiming toward the ball. Practice hitting several balls from the tee. During this exercise, ask a friend or a loved one to record your performance. Your smartphone can be used to capture the footage. Once you have completed the practice session, review the recording. Be observant on how you were standing and make a mental note to adjust your balance, if you were having difficulty hitting some of the balls.

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