Hockey Goalie Mask Purchasing And Care Tips

A goalie mask is a vital piece of equipment that will protect your goalkeeper from being hit in the face with an airborne hockey puck. Your youth team members should be fitted for any protective gear that they will be wearing during practice or live matches. This includes having your goalkeeper fitted. Bring them along with you when shopping for a mask, so that you choose headgear that is the proper size and can adjusted the face covering's harnesses.               

The Line Of Vision And Snugness Need To Be Addressed

Your goalkeeper's line of vision should not be impeded during the course of play, since this will greatly affect how accurate the player will be when blocking the goal. A hockey mask possesses a cage like feature that runs across the front of the headwear. The metal grid will create a barrier that will keep the player's face free from harm. A chin strap and harnesses are secured to the bottom and the front or sides of the mask.

After your goalkeeper's head measurements are taken, a sporting goods sales clerk will direct you to a series of masks that are the proper size for your team member. Pick out several mask styles that appeal to you and the player and direct the goalkeeper to try each one on.

The chin guard will need to be secured, after the youth member slips each mask on. Ask the goalkeeper if each mask is comfortable. The foam interior should be snug and not cause any friction against the player's face. Additionally, there should not be any gaps surrounding the face or the back of the head. 

Custom Features Can Be Added

If your team members will be wearing outfits that are representative of the team, the goalie mask can be customized, to match the clothing. You will need to decide what type of lettering or colors will be used to decorate the mask and place an order, through an associate of the sporting goods retailer. After the mask has been designed, you will be alerted to pick up the purchase.

Teach the goalkeeper how to take care of the new headgear. After each practice session or sporting event, direct the team member to use a damp soapy cloth to wipe off the interior and exterior sides of the mask. The mask should be stored inside of a locker or on a shelf, in between sessions in which it is going to be worn. For more information, contact a hockey equipment company, such as Promasque.