How to Purchase a Duck Boat Blind

Hunting blinds are useful for both large and small game hunters. They allow you to hunt more stealthily, which can increase your odds of catching your quarry. Duck hunters have some additional considerations when purchasing blinds since duck hunting is often best undertaken from a boat. Here are four tips that will help you purchase the right duck boat blinds for your next hunt:

1. Measure your boat.

You'll need the right size duck blind for your boat. A blind that's too small won't adequately cover your entire boat. An overly large blind can be a liability; it can be hazardous if it gets caught in your ship's engine. Make sure you purchase the right blind for the job by measuring your boat beforehand. You'll need to take into account not only the length and width of your boat but also the height.

2. Purchase the right type of camouflage.

When you're choosing a blind, you need to take your quarry into account. Ducks have very good eyesight, which is why blinds are necessary in the first place. However, their vision doesn't work quite the same way that human vision does. You can use this fact to your advantage when choosing a duck blind. Ducks are very sensitive to glare and movement. The ideal camouflage features muted colors and a matte surface that will help you hide yourself and any shiny metal objects you might be wearing or holding.

3. Make sure you can set it up easily.

Even the best duck blind won't do you any good if you can't get it on your boat. When choosing a blind, pay attention to the instructions provided. Ask yourself if you'd find it easy to set up the blind. If you typically hunt alone, you probably shouldn't pick a boat blind that requires two people for installation. Pick the blind that works for your level of handyman expertise.

4. Choose a blind that's easy to store.

Take storage into account when choosing your duck blind. Most people don't want to keep their blind in place at all times, especially if they use their boats for other things. Grass duck boat blinds can make excellent camouflage. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to store. Dried grass can become brittle with age, and it may break if folded. Artificial grass is typically much more durable, which means it can stand up to rougher treatment. If you want a duck boat blind that's very easy to store, choose one made from a smooth canvas that has a camouflage pattern printed on its surface.

For more information, contact a duck boat blind supplier.